ILoveMakonnen – Too Much Lyrics

[Hook x2]
You’ve been fronting on us hard too much1
You always talking about these broads2 too much
You steady keep confusin’ us3 too much
You always keep losing us too much4

I don’t need your love haunting me5
I have enough fucking demons6 stalking me
You say way too much when there’s no need
Then say how I shouldn’t speak7
Promises you couldn’t keep
Falling again on your knees8
Screaming towards heaven’s feet
Asking for another me9

[Hook x2]

I’m still doing me10 from start to jump
It’s like all they do is complain to us11
Can you save my soul from this heat?12
The cold takes a toll on my street
Living day and night to smoke my weed13
People outside keep calling me
I’m not ready for love involving me14
I’ve been ready for us to travel the sea15

[Hook x2]


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