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ROYCE DA 59 Im Da King 03 Lyrics
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5`9! I`m the King!
I1! Kylla Czson, K-Performances
Mufucka-Game-Da Cal-We Da Kings

[Da Hook1]R59
Imma rhyme til I can`t rhyme no more
Burn til I can`t burn no more
Shine til there`s no shine no more
Til the earth can`t turn no more
Until I`m 5`9 no nore (I`m the king!) (2x)

[Da Knowledge1]R59
Ya`ll niggaz is real cocky on the street
Til I drop you on ya knees
Knock you on ya feet, I`m like Rocky on the reach
I rain while you hope to sustain dope in this game
Somethin` you can`t stop, you can only hope to contain
I can aim so I blaze my tool
I got a name from usin` pocket change to pay my dues (niggaz know!)
I`m sharp as a shank and about as soft as you think
I`m hangin from the cross of your link, you get offered a drink
Niggaz is fast learners, you`re only as hot as the back burner
From mad rappers and clap burners
Talk to the foot thinkin` you real
I`m starin` at the face of ya bill forgettin` how George Washington looks
You came to box a nigga that`s flat out dirty
Just name the spot and I`ll be there a half hour early
I write for the purpose to express a view
A nigga that`s wack? You a nigga that I don`t like as a person

[Da Hook2]I1
Imma blast til I can`t blast no more
bash til it aint mash no more
grind til i cant grind no more
shot til there aint no nine no more
Until I`m I1 no nore (I`m the king!) (2x)

[Da knowledge2]I1
Ruin da stage da nigga shot 2 n da place
choke da choke da nigga til he blu n da face
Cuzzi gat dem shotz lyke DAMN hoe clear da lot
BAM lyke Binlot boutta blo up da blokk
I left bulletz n hiz face he kant walk he kant talk

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