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From the start You've held a place in my heart
A place that no one else could fill
But sin kept Your spirit from working in me
I couldn't look at life honestly
Until the day my will gave away to the truth that I found in you
I never knew just how good it could be
To stand in Your presence totally free

I'm forgiven
Now I have a reason for living
Jesus keeps giving and giving
Giving till my heart overflows

Now I can see me as a person who's free
Even when I slip and fall
You are a God who forgives and forgets
Now I want to give you my all

(Repeat Chorus)

I know this love You placed in my heart
Is a love that will never depart
Sin brought me here to the end of my rope
But now you've given me a brand new hope
I'm forgiven.

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The Imperials Lyrics for I'm Forgiven