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Let's get it on get it on get it on
I'm still here (3x)
( Lil menace )
Mija you must of put a spell on my mind come give me some of your
time cause damn you fine and your kisses taste like wine now I'm
sitting here all alone reminiscing about the time's we share the love
we had and know I'm missing cause you're the only one that had that
part of me yes the key to my heart I was your portion and you were
my recipe I miss you baby I'm waiting for you to come back you appear
like a mirageeveryday it makes me sad because I reach
out to you but your just a vision like an angel coming from heaven
to get what you was a mission but I know nowthat I'm with you
again theres no time to be friends because I promise i`ll be there till the
I'm still here (3x)

After so many years where`d you think I would go I don't need to say
I love you cause you already now the time we spent together was the
best in my life my expectations were slowly of you been my wife I would
give and die for you, you know what you mean to me something I
never felt before is worth you bring to me my angelito chiquito my dulcecito
you were my mamacita I was your papacito I could see your eyes looking and
your smile that makes me crazy I feel your hands touch me and your kisses are
making me lazy everyday is a knew beginning you were my primavera you are
always on my mind 24/7 I swear da god how I miss ya damn how I need ya your all
inside my body hahI even breath ya but your not in front of me so I could see
if you ever come back you'll know were I'llbe because
I'm still here (3x)

Mi amor ven aqui y dame un beso esto es amor por que lo siento en
mi pecho un beso por un beso y nunca te dejo sola con nadie por que
eres mi angel del el cielo diosito gracias por darme este regalo la razon
por que estoy enamorado y mija te dije que nunca te iba
olvidar tu eres mi sol y ahora tengo que trabajar para tu corazon
que tienes por dentro vamos a estar juntos por vida o asta que yo
me muera.

I'm still here ( 3x)

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