PARTY In My Life Lyrics
I can see that you need to be free and it can`t go on much longer.
Let me try one more time, baby, I wanna really change your mind.
I could run from the truth, what`s the use of pretending that I`m stronger?
I`ve got so much to lose and it`s true. Girl I need you in my life.
Sure we`ve had our problems, but we always got through.
This world is a better place when I`m dancing with you. In my life.

I can still remember our first kiss. No one said it had to end like this.
I still think about you every day and night, cuz I can`t go on without you in
my life.

It`s so hard in this world for a boy and a girl to stay together.
Honesty is the key that we need and we`re running out of time.
Took a shot in the dark at your heart and now I`m aiming at forever.
I would do anything cuz it`s true. Boy I need you in my life.

Take your time making up your mind. Rain or shine, I want you in my life

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