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were sexy!
were cute
were popular to boot
were bitchin great hair
the boys all love to stare
were wanted were hot
were everything your not
were pretty
were cool
we dominate this school
who am i
just guess
guys wanna tough my chest
im rockin
i smile
though many think im vile
im flyin
i jump
you can look but dont you hump
i major
i roar
i swear im not a whore
we cheer and we lead
we act like were on speed
you hate u coz were beautiful
well we dont like you either were cheerleaders
we are cheerleaders
role call
call me big red
im woo woo whitney
im cu cu courtney
hey dude its darcey
im big bad carver yeah
just call me kacey o
im still big red
i sizzle
i skorch
but now i pass the torch
the ballets are in
and 1 girl has to win
shes perkey
shes fun
and now hes number 1
kick kick it torence
to to to torence

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