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by Carl Williams of Philadelphia, PA

It`s a pleasure to know you, a pleasure to see you smile
A comfort to know we`ll share the road awhile
Pleasure is fleeting, and comforts are far between
It`s a pleasure to know you and the comfort you bring.

1. I came to your city after I`d left my home
And I was a stranger, dressed up in stranger`s clothes
Favors I needed, but charity`s out of style--
Rare as the beauty in the face of a trusting child.

2. Now they say life`s a journey, a highway from birth to death
Mapped in despair, and traveled in hopelessness.
Well they may believe it, but just between you and me
The trick to the travelin` is all in the company.

3. Now lovers may leave you, lovers may turn away.
Children may scorn you--you know that they will someday,
Seasons are fickle, and fate isn`t known as kind
But friendship`s the diamond, and trouble`s the diamond mine.

from Kim Wallach singing.
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