J. Reyez – Too Good To Be True Lyrics

Do you ever ask yourself if “this is what it’s meant to be”
I feel like I need some help but pride would get the best of me
Weak but I ain’t gonna show it first
And it can get you mentally
Stressin’ bout the load of work and grindin’ each and every week
Life is great, what’s next?
They say that I’m blessed
But you don’t know shit about time I invested to get here, the hours, the minutes, the seconds
I admit it has it’s perks when the women know and approach me first
But is she intrigued cause of me or’ cause who I be, it feels like a gift and a curse

Do you really know how to hold it down?
Do you know what I’m talkin’ bout?
Really think about who’s around
When you ain’t the one who to talk about
Is it too good to be true when it’s me and you?
Is it too good to be true, when there’s no more new

I been working the night shift
Puttin’ on like flicking the light switch
They don’t know what my type is
There’s not too many that’s like this

Takin’ mistakes and be learning the lessons
And turn it into something that you could invest in
How does it feel to be grateful without stressing
About’ who what or when I keep everyone guessing
No girl that I wanna be with can understand this lifestyle
It could be my weakness and it’s always on my mind now
Lost some of my privacy, getting frustrated
When questioning to myself who’d really ride with me
Who’d really die for me?
Who’s at the hospital?
Who’s at the funeral?
Who’d really cry to me?

And I don’t really like fucking with nobody
You think you know my life, what you know bout it
Whippin’ that Benz through the six, I be gold running
Juvenile as a kid heat up at 400
Whole team full of winners to see the gold on us
Ice grill Henny on the rocks when I’m pullin’ up
I’m too cold, yeah you should have brought your own sweater
Trying to fuck with my soul, should have known better
Go getter, ain’t nobody hand me shit
But who’d save a slice for me?
Can you understand this shit? Well welcome to my life story
My music and private life separate and trust me it’s not what you thinking when you second guessing
Looking ahead in the future a little too much and you started forgetting the present
What you expected? Honestly, you are the only thing normal I have in my life
Think for a second, I need to go do this for us and for them so the timing ain’t right
Yeah, I guess time will tell. It’s hard being patient trying to find yourself
Yeah, I guess time will tell. For now, Imma do this shit by myself


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