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Soldiers Of Jah Army Jah Atmosphere Lyrics
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Lord, there InI must be.

What would you do to gain the world?
Sell our souls for diamond and pearl?
What would you do to reach the top
With smiling face stab a brother in his back
What would you do to have it all?
Climb a corporate ladder
To see your own brother fall?
What I'm gonna do on my judgment day,
When all iniquity fade and righteousness stay

InI a soldier till the end.
I mean it my friend.

What would you do for harmony?
To finally and permanantly abandon inferiority
I can't nothing about what I can't control,
Just make the children see
The past don't have to be their future.
See, all of the days before me were filled with hate
This war and slvery InI came to late,
To feel superiority over any race
Black is a mind state
In Jah atmosphere, Lord there InI must be

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Soldiers Of Jah Army Lyrics for Jah Atmosphere