Jake Lambo – Fall In Love Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Look, girl I know how I feel
So tell me how you feeling
I know a place we can go, but that’s only if you with it
Am talking out of the city, I’m talking out of this world
And see this place is more valuable than some diamonds and pearls
Baby just hold onto my hand if you nervous
I promise what I show you gonna be worth it
She say that she don’t know how to love no more, you’ll learn it
Baby you are my trophy and I’m feeling like I earned it

How bout, we go, somewhere we can’t, be found [x2]
Baby let’s fall in love, yeah
Babe let’s fall in love, babe let’s fall in love
Babe lets fall in love [x2]
We can just fall in love
We can fall in love
We can fall in love…huh
We can fall in love [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Look, we can just fall in love, nobody can find us
They say there’s light is at the end of the tunnel
I hope that light doesn’t blind us
For real, fuck how them other folks feel
They jealous of our relationship
Hating shit, they be got looks that can kill
Kill them hoes off
You mind, so we gonna show off
You know we do what we want
They mad that they don’t
Shorty got bag at the dump
All of that junk in the trunk
Huh, tell me what’s she without me
Tell me what’s me without you
That will make two incompletes
Dont worry I know what to do

Chorus [x2]


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