Jason Aldean – When She Says Baby Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Some days it is tough just getting up 1
Throwing on these boots and making that climb
Some days I would rather be a no-show lay-low
Before I go out of my mind 2

But when she says baby
Oh no matter what comes is not going nowhere she runs her fingers through my hair and saves me 3
Yeah that look in her eyes got me coming alive and driving me a good kind of crazy
When she says baby
Oh when she says baby 4

[Verse 2]
Some nights I come home fighting mad
Feel like running my fist through the wall 5
Is it even worth it what I am fighting for anymore feeling
Torn all the hell with it all 6


[Verse 3]
Everything going to be alright
Just lay down by my side
Let me love you through this life 7

Yeah she is the perfect shot of faith
When every bit of mine is gone
Something I can believe in a best friend
A heaven sent love to lean on 8



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