Jiaer Lavon – My Right Hand Lyrics

Verse: 1]
She my, right hand on the bible, swear i love her
But that shit get kinda crazy cuz I’m always thinkin of her
When I’m, in my thoughts, thinking right back to the summer
Not supposed to hmu but you was right here under covers ope
Don’t tell ya man, tell ya man
Go to work up on that pussy, yes I can, bet I can
Deep grips on my skin & again
Telling me that I’m the man, tell ya friends. Yea
You said ya tat hurt, I put this lovin in ya life and now ya back hurt
I hit you right there from behind but now I’m past her
Moving on to my next , she right here
And I ain’t gotta stress bout it, she be right there sittin private cuz a nigga sitting pilot
Auto pilot, way I’m high let it resurrect my conscience
I just seen yo ass today, I walked pass then I grab it with my

[Hook #1]
Right hand, you my go to
Every time You in the sheets girl, I know you
Think about me, think about it
I fuck you right here on the seat girl, i really know you..
So I know that you a freak girl, you ain’t gotta lie to a nigga like me

[Verse: 2]
I seen two of my hoes at the game, they both wearing the same thing
I ain’t even trippin, out cuz they ont even know about, one another oh that’s trouble, I can open up the door for ya
To get anything that you need but then you gotta fuckin leave, ion trust ya, why ya lying to me? My right hand, I thought ya die for me
But I guess you was despising me
Whole time, oh gawd why Lyin to me
Like I took the glasses off, too blind to see
Or im ray Charles, baby honestly
I can open ya heart if I can find the key…

[bridge + hook #2]
K I’m back to get it
Anymore liquor and your past the limit
You know it’s past 3 AM

My right hand, you my go to
Told me everything about you
That’s a bold move, yeah
I know that…

[Verse: 3]
I don’t know why they
I don’t know why they, I don’t know what they be lying

I don’t know why they be lying (x3)
I don’t know why, I don’t know why they be lying


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