Joey BADASS – Five Fingers of Death (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Joey BADA$$]
Yo, tell ’em we back in this
One of a kind spirits
Be remembered with the time
The sky’s the limit
Bitch I’m barely in my prime
This ain’t half of division
And I’m mentally in a prison
I’m a man on a mission
Until I’m out of commission
God my mama be trippin’
Thought I’d be bringing in children
Instead I brought in a million
A new house and a million
Bitch I’m tryna raise kids and

[Verse 2]
I said first off
I can not say this all politely
Fuck the publications dawg
They don’t really like me
Took me out their conversations
Never did invite me
And any allegations
That’s a lie
Or unlikely true
And I got way more to prove
But this a statement or two
To be set for such wanksta dudes
I’ve been patient too
Made me more ill-dope for real
Name another Brooklyn cat
Major without a deal
I desTroy Average rappers
It’s just practice
Eat ’em up for breakfast
Being savage a habit
Nigga I done had it
Been across the atlas
Been back and even bent backwards
Now I got it mastered
For ten-thousand hours
And every minute after
It’s another chapter
Forty-seven laws of power over
Two-hundred-fifty-thousand albums sold worldwide
And this ain’t even half the potential I possess
Invest while I reflect
Look me in the eye bitches
I’m God in the flesh
Rose and resurrected
What they so-called protected
Now I’m at your neck-lace
Like diamond filled pressure
Time is so precious
Deathly effervescence
They told me quit reminiscing
Get with the precedence
So I switch it up
To no style they heard before
Not nostalgia heard before
Ain’t no challenge
I’m a pro nigga
Yeah I’ve been a beast
With these flows
Killin’ these foes
Prayin’ on my downfall
Interrupt the rain-deer
With the downpour
Said something ’bout you lames
When aiming down below
The drama won’t let up
You reap what you sow (sold)
Men lie women lie
Numbers sure don’t
Got the whole beast coast coming for your skull
The karma gone catch up
The album sales won’t
Just one up
My collar gon’ show
Hollaback when you get sixty stacks for the show
Not worried about the clubs
I’m worried about the love
By the looks of it
Y’all brothers gettin’ none
Brothers gettin’ some
They could use a hug
I throw the direct shots
Never subs
Only catch L’s
Y’all only face doves
Now I’m might as well
Go ahead and pull the plug
On these niggas
Y’all want some more

[Verse 3: Joey BADA$$]
There’s two things in life that makes me uncomfortable
When brothers too close or when they think they untouchable
Talking under God like we gon’ let it slide
When he did more dead then you could ever do alive
Now I won’t even lie, can’t agree with suicide
But in the darkest time, there’s still a brighter side
He took a leap of faith and only brightened his light
You took a cheap shot and hate will only shorten your life
Difference between you and him is that he lives forever
You’ll be the first to die who nobody ever remembers
Cause the city never needed you ever
You committed career suicide, and made New York better
I gave you one line you made a whole song
Here’s some more rhymes you’ll be working year long
Let me set the record straight from here on
Whoever said Joey ain’t the best, they’re wrong

[Verse 4: Joey BADA$$]
Lil’ nigga with the big money
Every time you see him
Couple stacks on him
He was nineteen
With like six-figures
Could’ve paid tuition
With tax money
Did it by himself
He didn’t need your help
Fuck the major labels
Took my own advice
What they want from me
Turned down a milli
Signed deez nutz up on the bottom line
Won’t compromise
For no dollar signs
Just might switch lanes
For the hall of fame
When it’s all said and done
And it’s my time
Every last of you lames
Gon’ know the name
Better don’t forget
That slash mama
In the S
Recognize a nigga getting checks
Fuckin’ up the commas
No sweatin’ it
I mean I’m even gettin’ change from the president
And I don’t mean to flex
But if I did I must admit it won’t be a stretch
I’m the best at this
Across the atlas
Top five alive
You can’t miss the BADA$$
Couldn’t buy drinks
So I bought a Rolex
I took the ice
I’m so blessed
Need no stress
Deep-throat sex
In that order
Y’all niggas is outdated
Ain’t ’bout the action
You past stated
I’m underrated
At least they never underpaid me
Grossed a milli off the world tour
That’s on my mama
Gave the world tours
Said I’m plotting on the next five mil
Only entertaining
Six-figure deals
But fuck the money
Need a Grammy
And a big house for my whole family
Won’t stop ’till I run the city
And every nigga know that the deal-ly is
Comin’ for you and all the villi-iains
Fuck your feelings and your opin-ion
Stacking millions
I’m a militant
Never kill me
My soul is infinite


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