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MOODY BLUES Keep On Searching Lyrics
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Well I`ve always been a dreamer
And I sometimes play the fool
But when the lights go down
And I hear the crowd then I`m cool;
Then I sing my songs of freedom
And I sing my songs of love
But there`s nothing changed
`Cause I`m still the same as I was.

You gotta keep on, keep on searching,
You gotta keep on searching
And I believe I`ve found the way
Along the road, along the road of freedom;
You gotta keep on trying to belong.
Come sing the song, be strong.

I sometimes think that the world`s gonna pass me by.
In my mind I ask myself the reason why
And, before I know, the answer`s come and gone,
And, before I know, the music`s turned me on.

Well I sometimes stop and wonder
Just what we are doing now,
Life has got to change,
Maybe we can arrange it somehow.

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