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Rupert (as Algy): After you dear boy.
Colin (as Jack): Oh no after you.
Rupert: No, no, no, do go first Im not really good at the high bits. Im much better low
Colin: Oh well see...
Hm hm hm hmm
Rupert: 1 2. and!

Colin: The western wind is blowing fair
Across the dark Aegean Sea
Rupert: And at the secret marble stair
My Tyrian galley waits for thee

Together: Come down, the purple sail is spread
The watchman sleeps within the town
Oh leave thy lily flowerbed
Oh lady mine, come down

Chorus: Come down
Lady come down
Come down
Lady come down,
Oh Lady come down

She will not come I know her well
Of lover`s vows she hath no care
And little good a man can tell
Of one so cruel and so fair

Colin: True love is but a womans toy
They never know their lover`s pain
Rupert: And I who loved as loves a boy
Must love in vain
Together: Must love in vain

Come down
Lady come down
Come down
Lady come down

Colin: I think your high notes may have damaged our chances old boy. You do want them to come down dont you?
Rupert: well she is never gonna come down if you`re singing like that. Youre completely out of tune
Colin: How dare you
Rupert: Ill take this bit
Colin: you leave this to me. You go lie down around
Rupert: no Ill take this bit
Colin: out of my way Im coming through
Rupert: go easy, my dear fellow

Come down
Lady come down (Rupert: Jack (Colin), youre messing it more) __
Come down
Lady come down

Colin: That wasnt so bad, was it?

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