LE1F – Hi Lyrics

It’s like rats and roaches running all over my hood in the daytime
But I still don’t see none of that in their raps, their rhymes or their headlines
[?] on TV get the most face time, so whatever
It’s whatever

But you just want to go the mall and shop, don’t you? Tsk, tsk
And you just want to ignore it all, don’t you?

Check my whole aura winkin’ at you
International youth gang, we liberal
But I’mma do me is all I can do

Since 1989, yeah, I been gettin’ mine
Mind right, [?] got in the bag-type
Bragging like your word right
Yeah, it’s my birthright
I’m that wind, water, air, earth-type

I’m a nomadic cunt and the chief of my sons
Whatever, I lay my snap back and it’s done
And I do it for my people and I do it for fun
Then I do it for that money ‘cuz it’s me and my mom

I’m feeling like such a new being
This skin, I’m so nubian
I’mma be me, who are you being?
(I’mma be me, who are you being?)


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