LE1F – Swirl Lyrics

[Intro: Le1f]
Flippy. Nutty. Zesty. Woah
Leather. Kitty. Sexy. Yooo
Flippy. Nutty. Zesty. Woah

[Hook: Le1f]
You wanna swirl?
Oh snap, Oh sip
All these boys and girls wanna swirl
They wanna swirl!

[Verse 1: Le1f]
Chestnuts roasting
This coffee is boiling
My chocolate is showing
With you, I be toying
I’m a mystery flavor
How did they make this?
You wanna taste it?
It’s not basic
Look at this brown skin
All of this brown skin
I know it’s arousing
The aura surrounding
My fabulous brown skin
If you keep it cute, then
You might be allowed in

[Hook: Le1f]
You wanna swirl?
You wanna swirl
(You finna be my slave
‘Til the end of days)
You wanna swirl
You wanna swirl
They wanna swirl!
(Imma make you work
Work it like you gettin’ paid)

[Verse 2: Lafem Ladosha]
That French vanilla South African pecan
Type a nigga on stick figure
With a dick bigger than Thrilla
That cafe in that olé
Italian sausage on kimchi
That black ass all in his face
That white cream all on a cake
Pussy drippy down his tongue
Body shakey, going dumb
I got a nut for squirrel
I got that lolli for your pop
Got that ménage for your trois
Khalif, they really wanna swirl

[Hook: Le1f]
I ain’t got no patience, and I hate waiting
Ooh, you wanna swirl
Oh you think I’m playing?

[Interlude: Lafem Ladosha]
It’s time for reparations
We serving up sickness
Tell em the illness!

[Verse 3: Junglepussy]
Jungle fever…
Can’t respect a black queen?
Tell me what the fuck you mean?
I will take these talents to international countries
Overseas they like it thick, juicy lit with no seeds
That pink dick on my lips, lick it up like Breyer’s Ice Cream
Something about big black booty just so enticing
Just lotion to see how I look with that cream all on me
Snow bunny too trendy
Avant­garde Junglepussy make it harder than the concrete
Knock them boots right outta your league
These techniques for the freaks worldwide
Switch it up sometimes, so a nigga recognize
You mad cuz my shorty got blue eyes
When he touch me, I get butterflies
He used to Betty Davis eyes
See my Angela on the inside
Wiggas run from it but you can’t hide

[Verse 4: Le1f]
Ain’t nothing like the real thing
You tan to get like me
I am made in UV
These niggas don’t see me wit my BA on my CV
My resume is type 3D
I’m a dark skin nigga on TV
Believe me, I’m the sunshine of your lifetime
I’m dreamy, I’m wonder like sStevie
Like Stevie, you won’t see me
I’m purple, no Celie
Tell me why ya man so freaky?
It’s back aches ’til the bed breaks
Now your man need a new Sealy’s
He wanna swirl, he wanna swirl
They wanna swirl!


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