Let You Know lyrics

Chris Sligh Let You Know Lyrics
Lost in the windows of time,
You see a time of change
Dont it all feel strange?

Stuck in the reverb of me,
I hear echos of myself
But I cant say what I see.

Im finding the answers
To my great divide

Someday when the sky is falling I will let you know
Someday when my dreams are caving in I will let you
Ill let you know

Forget the first verse of life:

Theres nothing learned at all -
At least until you fall.

Stratospheres and atmospheres collide,
Worlds come to an end
And theres nowhere left to hide.

pre-chorus * chorus

...when Im falling
Ill let you know when Im calling
Ill let you know when Im breaking
Ill let you know when Im making it through.


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