Lightshow – You Too? Lyrics

Who you ?
Can I know, I know, I know
Who you ?
Can I know, I know, I know
(Who you ?) Can I know ?

I’m Lightshow, who you ?
I smoke pac, you too ?
I drink lean, you too ?
My cake stack 6’2
You came wit a nigga ? Or you came wit your crew ?
Cause 86 in here too
So the (?) in here too
My trap down the street
Maybe you should bring your clique through
Oh, you carrying niggas quite often ?
Let a real nigga get through
Ain’t much I can tell you but the street don’t make big moves
I take trips quite often
I’m trynna see if I can take em wit you

[Verse 1]
Look, Smoke gas, drink lean too
Hi, I’m high, who you ?
Oh, you bye ? Do you
Who am I to judge? Do you
Say she heard I gotta lotta bitches online
Wouldn’t worry off it if it was two few
Came up, Stopped fucking wit them 5 star bitches
But I still pull up wit a new new
Told my old bitch I had a new boo
Moved on got a new view
She’d be lucky she made it to FaceTime
Could’ve left her ass in the ooVoo
To this Pimp C shit , I’m too true
Dick her down, make her buy me new true
She squad if she run the choo – choo
That’s hard in the paint , who knew ?
I’m a real live nigga, you knew
You now I got choppers everywhere that I go
Cause these niggas love hatin’ I know
Even after all the love that I show
But I ain’t trippin off them
We can laugh at them niggas
Smoking gas, me, you, & my bros
If you keeping shit 100 like you say you do
Might have to find something to do wit my hoes

[Verse 2]
Shawdy, you (?)
Imma need your math like calculus
Can I stand and back in it ?
Can you stain my Ralphs wit Mac and shit ?
My mac game immaculate
Hit or Miss, still would take a crack at it
Trynna turn you to a crack addict
Who me ? I’m just a pac addict
In the pac magician, doing pac magic
Better watch yourself wit this young nigga
Take your bitch and that’s black magic
Like abracadabra
Then I finesse and maneuver
And call her and look for a uber
Bitch, I’m the man
What’s it to ya ?
Hold this shit down with extended clips
Long as I’m cooler
Too cool, I came out the cooler
Bust her ass up, had to school her
Told her I’m Remy, she Gucci
I move around wit them shooters
No, I’m way different from most of you niggas
I ain’t wit the talk, I’m a do-er
Came to fuck up from the sewer
Now I’m the shit like manure
I grind like it’s two of me



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