Love Never Gives Up lyrics

CLIFF RICHARD Love Never Gives Up Lyrics
I`ve been to a place everyone should go
I know things now everyone should know
I have seen love struggle with pain
I have seen life living in vain
I saw a child - though hardly it seems
Life`s not the same when you live in bad dreams

I walked around, the sun burned my head
Just a few hours, but time flowed like lead
I heard the sound of a big city cry
trying to walk while the world rushed on by
And I have seen love shining from eyes
Tearfilled but strong, gentle but wise

I have heard it told that there`s no God, no God of loving
Then how come I`ve seen a twisted child mildly receive His loving?
Love never gives up, love keeps on flowing - on and on
Now if there`s no God, then who do we blame?
`Cos though you take away God the hell still remains
And I have seen love, dampened by rain
Rise in the sun and triumph again

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