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I`m feeling low

How I got here I`ll never know

My heads a mess

This building hopelessness

I`m feeling low

Caught in a grip of emptiness

I can`t escape

This darkness drags me down

And tries to consume me

I`m feeling low

How much farther can I go

I feel the end

One step away from death

I`m feeling low

Why do I feel this way

Never felt so victimized

The daily persecution

Comes from my own mind

The onslaught of self-doubt

Invades me once again

I need a ray of hope

To avert the bitter end

How could I get so down

Must pull myself back up

Too easy to give in

No way I`ll give up

I`ve got to turn it around

And get myself set straight Got to keep my head up

Before it`s all to late

I`m feeling low

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Songwriters: RIND, PHIL

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