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(Dead Woman Version)
Lowlands, Lowlands, away, my John,
Lowlands away I heard them say,
My Lowlands away.

1. I dreamed a dream the other night,
Ch. Lowlands, Lowlands, away, my John.
My love she came dressed all in white,
Ch. My Lowlands away.

2. I dreamed my love came in my sleep,
Her cheeks were wet, her eyes did weep.

3. She came to me as my best bride (at mt bed-side),
All dressed in white like some fair bride.

4. And bravely in her bosom fair,
A red, red rose did my love wear.

5. She made no sound-no word she said,
And then I knew my love was dead.

6. I bound the weeper round my head,
For now I knew my love was dead.

7. She waved her hand-she said goodbye,
I wiped the tear from out my eye.

8. And then awoke to hear the cry,
`Oh, watch on deck, oh, watch ahoy!`

Variations on the chorus are:
Lowlands, Lowlands, hurrah my Jo,
Lowlands, high, Lowlands, alay!

Lowlands, Lowlands, hooraw my John,
My Lowlands aray!

from Hugill, Shanties from the Seven Seas
@sailor @death @lover
filename[ LOWLND2

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