Mack Wilds – Bonnie & Clyde Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ooh, who knew you’d try to do you like you do
Fronting hard like fucking me ain’t cheating, baby shame on you
It ain’t like we’ve been doing different things
Cause you were mine before you two began
Past times of lovin’ you
Liquor, sweat, and touchin’
The break-ups, make-ups
And kissing every inch of you
And I, I, I took a back seat on love after you
I mean I cried after you
Probably died after you
But here we are doing the same thangs
Tell him he broke us into two
So I feel the vibe, look in your eyes
Put pride aside, pull your panties to the side
Cause I wanna have you for the night
Shh, hope that he don’t mind

If you want it, then I got it
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay
When you want it, girl I got it
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay

[Verse 2]
Ooh, who knew you’d do me baby like you do
We runnin’ wild while he at home
Calling phones off of you
Oh I swear to god, if he were me
Why would I trust you?
Knowing it’s cost it will get for you
Addicted to the love of memories
And fulfilling your fantasies
So I close your eyes, kiss once or twice
Then hit it right and I know shit this isn’t right
But I need to feel you for tonight
Bonnie & Clyde now for life



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