SOULJA SLIM Magnolia Lyrics
[Soulja Slim talking]

The streets made me, you know they did, 6th Street, Magnolia Street, c`mon

M...A...G...N...O..L, I, A, thats the home where the souljas stay


You niggaz claim to be a soulja, but you souljas ain`t no souljas

I told ya and I showed ya, I`m a soulja for life

Now what you hear is what you get, from a nigga like me

Uncut, raw shit, all I know is the streets

[Soulja Slim]

I got these niggaz wearing soulja reeboks and soulja rags

I had these niggaz off the porch in `94, snortin` powder bags

Magnolia Slim underground, Soulja Slim to the world

It`s all the same, don`t get it twisted, still uncut and explicit

Uptown`s where I`m listed, look me up in the 3rd Ward

You might find me on the Parkway between ????? and ???????

Smokin` herb, by the curb, but I ain`t gone chill for too long though

`Cause on that there block, them white folks be hot

Shoot up to wards Claybourne, make a left cut through Exon

Now I`m on Willow Street, the spot where the killers be

That`s where I layed my head for years, I`mma representa

And I ain`t talkin` bout this rap shit, nigga respect it or I`ll send ya


[Soulja Slim]

I`m soulja this, I`m soulja that, nigga what, I played the halls

Ran through the cut, 6 Co. fa`sho, The Circle, the killin` field

Where the killers chill, on the real, that been my spot since I was lil`

I can`t tell these d`s to chill, since Shorty Mike got killed

Open wound still soaked, it`s gone heal

I run with trill niggaz, we don`t take no shit

If you got it, you better hide it, I still pull off robberies

Ain`t a damn thing gravy, ain`t a damn thing sweet

My beef they beef, they beef my beef

6 Co. nigga, 6 Co., Cut Throat nigga, screamin` Cut Throat


[Soulja Slim]

I`m screamin` I`m a soulja `cause I mean it nigga

From my black soulja reeboks to my beanie nigga

I soulja walk and talk crazy to these bitch niggaz

Its in my blood, what the fuck, I`mma blast that trigga

What you forgot, with the murder charge in `96

Without no evidence, I ain`t even do the shit, not guilty

You niggaz should`ve been killed me

I done came up, me and my souljas bout to fuck the game up, be cool

M...A...G...N...O..L, I, A, thats the home where the souljas stay


[Soulja Slim talking]

Cut Throat Comitty, the streets made me, the streets made me

motherfuckers better know

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