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ooh, yeah, yeah (well,well,well,well)
do you mind if I tell the truth for a second ya`ll

Verse 1:
Maybe I deserve,
to wonder who`s callin so damn late
for you to say I`m trippin,
just a homie from up-state (said it`s just a homie)
Don`t he know, it`s one o`clock in the mornin`?
Say it`s cool, baby it`s cool

Maybe I deserve,
For you to say he`s comin into town (later on this
and he was just wonderin` if you and him could hang out (oh ho ho)
I don`t like it
but I know I gotta trust you
It ain`t cool, `cuz I know it`s true

Maybe I deserve
for you to go out and find some other guy
maybe I deserve
for you to stay out with him all night
maybe I deserve
for you to do all the things I did to you
Maybe I deserve (oh yeah)
maybe I deserve (oh yeah)
(Repeat 2x`s)

Verse 2:
Maybe I deserve
for you to put on, a sexy dress
for me to ask you, who the hell you tryna impress
for you to laugh it off, like it ain`t nothin`
I know it`s it`s somethin, maybe
Maybe I deserve (just maybe yeah)
to sit at home and wonder where you are
is he kissin` you, touchin` you, holdin` you, what
to take a drink and help ease my mind
i wanna be mad after all those times

Chorus (Repeat 2x`s)

verse 3:
Maybe I deserve
for me to ask you, where you been (where the hell you been)
Maybe I deserve
for you to say I betta stop trippin (oh I`m gone trip)
Maybe I deserve
To grab yo neck, until you let me know
Maybe I deserve
for you to run cryin`, cryin` out the door
Maybe I deserve
to grab my coat and chase you down the street
Maybe I deserve
to say it`s not you, it`s my own insecurity`s yeah
Maybe I deserve
for you to say, yes I cheated on you
Maybe I deserve
I won`t care `cuz after all I put you through maybe I
deserve-serve yeah oh ho
to be mistreated sometimes
Maybe I deserve
to even be lied to sometimes (yeah,yeah,yeah)
Maybe I deserve
(maybe), maybe you should go cheat on me
Maybe I deserve
(maybe I deserve)
(maybe I deserve)
(maybe I deserve)
Maybe I should sit and wait by the phone
Maybe I deserve
`cuz I done paged you about three or four times
Maybe I deserve
girl I know, girl I know I done put you through it baby
(put you through hell)
Maybe I deserve
wanna know can I, can I know can I maybe I deserve

See we men can`t take
another man praisin our woman
ooh no,no
we can`t even stand waitin by the phone
but we do the same shit
oh damn, oh damn, oh damn
I know I deserve it
but right now, I hate you so much right now

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