Michael Christmas – Are You Around Lyrics

[Hook: Polyester the Saint]
It’s going down, going down, going down
Are you around?

[Verse 1: Michael Christmas]
Late Friday, mid 80s, some little ladies and some big ladies
There’s foam dropping out they mouth from the 40 like it’s rabies
They twerking in the whip on the way but it was probably all shakin’
But it’s crackin’
Mars pulled up like what’s happenin’
Girls at this party looking bat shit
Crazy how they gassin’
But I know that I ain’t finna tap shit
Girls don’t care about this rap shit
Least until you absent
Party in 200 and it’s passin’
Think somebody offered me some Absinthe
Still I think for nights like these it’s harder to forget
Cause that moment when you laughing with your niggas eating after hour shit
Shoes look not the same color that you bought ’em
Faded in the summer I’m a hermit in the autumn
And every girl I know don’t know if I’m drunk I’m finna call them
This how it’s supposed to go no problem


[Verse 2]
They playing Based God, Kief, Future, Stizzy
Shoutout to the money from the drugs, Biggie
Police come we running quickly
Wish this girl give me a quickie
Mismatched socks white T’s I ain’t picky
L smell stuck on me like a hicky
If Mom’s up then she probably gonna kill me
Broke a whole vase smiling hard like bill me
Silly soul train line in the sideline
Everybody crib is mi casa
Can’t find a ride, sleeping on the floor in my boxers
Making hella waffles manana
This that shit, everybody up for a grip
And at the end of the night sun lit
And we had a good time, finna take the bus to the crib
Take a nap and we doing it again



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