Michael Christmas – Everything Burrito Lyrics

Hotter than a motherfucker in here
And I just had a burrito, that shit was fire
Super delish, talkin’ my shit
Aw, man
Tick, tick!

[Verse 1]
I work hard for the people I love and the shit that I want
It’s 27, smokin’ smooth and come right after the blunt
I wear my smashing socks on purpose cuz it pisses you off
I smile in the face of struggle like I’m 50 or something
Builder had the ice on the doorknob, I couldn’t get my key in
Bangin’ on my brother when I tell him to let me in
I kick the door [?] now I think I got my me in
It’s hard to run the world when your shoes covered in semen
Dirty elephant print, no elegant shit
The pretty niggas gettin jealous as shit
Who let this fat nigga Angela Davis
Get hella the payments he makin
I’m [?] for some brands, how the cameras be shakin
My face on MTV Jams, I was sittin in the basement
Beer and my pops next to me going crazy
Play this shit, roll up and embrace it
Let your eyes shut like Tracy McGrady

The beat go dumb
Yeah, the beat go dumb
Said the beat go dumb
Yeah, the beat go dumb
We have fun when we didn’t have none
They about this life, man this shit so dumb
Don’t make sense to me, but I ain’t trippin
Cuz all my niggas that had the same vision
Don’t make sense to me, but I ain’t trippin
Cuz all my niggas that had the same vision

[Beat Change]

I just want a everything burrito

[Verse 2]
I feel like flailing my arms
Like a whacky inflatable tube dude
At who’s who’s house with the Who’s Who’s
And I’m like who’s who?
Cool cool, like [?]
Big funny nigga, homies used to call me Bruce Bruce
At the talent show with Martha Stew
We made the stew, I learned to rap at after school
What major you? Psychology, or biology?
High-as-astronaut-ology? Sittin’ back in the colony?
[?] scrapin’ on my knee and I can’t believe it
Two Tylenol PM’s, some McDonald’s, I still ain’t sleepin’
What if I jump off of the plane?
Would that be so inhumane?
When shit mundane, and all your friends asleep again?
(Let it keep going!)
I plan on being in karate movies just like Chris Farley
My imagination on the rap game, Jeff Hardy
Every day school tardy, I ain’t wanna watch Barney
I was never white ranger, always blue
Now who the fuck is you?
The other kids make you wanna be a villain
Until you save the day, makin amazing wage
I’m doing flips in the pool, the sun settin’
Feel like I get older, but them Sundays still depressing
Like I gotta go to school tomorrow, goddamn, why?
I swear when I was seven that shit made me cry
And now I’m on the bigger better [?]
On adventure for an Everything Burrito



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