Michael Christmas – I Wrote a Poem Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You deserve to never be a family
Never get in trouble girl, you never get suspended
You deserve a fire, you can burn them extra bridges
You deserve a choir for anytime you feel like singing
You deserve an apple butt massaged a little
Cut up collage and every time you smile I know it’s hard
I know it’s fucking hard
Somehow you stay collected
If we was cursed then you’d be holographic and protected
If we was kids again I’d pass a note that had a message
Talking about if you like me, check it (word?)
Is you is? Or is you ain’t?
I get hot when I’m away to try to minimize the wait
Wait, wait… Lint in my hair, don’t pick it
Don’t take your hand out neither (Don’t you do that shit)
Cause, it make me sleepy and I know the dreams be sweeter

Wake up Michael
Wake up Michael
Wake up Michael
Wake up Michael
Don’t wake me up
This night was perfect
All I ever hope is that things don’t ever change
All I ever hope is that we don’t ever change


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