Michael Christmas – Intro Lyrics

*Opening Skit*

I done see a lot of shit go down, a lot of shit that I can’t explain
In Japan, finna take a train
You start to feel like Charlie Sheen when them cameras gleam
I did so so crazy, broke the seams on my jeans
And came back to the bean like a pill, fiend
Got more cream but in the grand scheme
Equivalent to no green
I even seen a UFO out in Malibu
I met some internet hoes with some attitudes
You learn the value of a dollar when you fuck with über
Some shit don’t change, cuz [?] is still my [?] shooter
And mom still call me tight about them open mics
When niggas really would laugh when I hold the mic
She always told me I would do it, I just hope you right
And when you take them long trips, I just hope you write
Go and kick it with your idols, cuz you on the same planet
And girls show their titties like Janet
It’s been a weird year and a half long minute
Now I’m back in it, back in the city, back with my niggas
So where we going? Yo, where we going?


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