Michael Christmas – Just Blaze Lyrics

Yeah. Nigga
Tick Tick
Shwat a Shweird Shway
What a beard day
Yeah. Nigga
Tick Tick

I ain’t never had a job in my life and I never sold shit
I always sit front and I never sit bitch
My last sister born on september 26th
That’s when a nigga realized he had to get rich
Thelonious done laced with a beat that sherm sticks
Got my eyes big as fuck and it’s 3:16
I wrote 16s back when I was 16
So when they ask me how I’m nice at 21, I sips tea
Got a spanish girl from the Domingo, and I’ll accost her
When she leave the house with no make up dawg it’s awesome
She told me not to kiss her, cause her wisdom tooth throbbin’
I did it anyways cause I don’t care about them problems
And any day can be the day I’m flying up to god
I just hope I get to see a finals win at the garden
Sitting courtside like I’m Spike Lee or Jack Nick
Telling referees they can suck a fat dick
I’m the tits like fish tacos, the big nachos
Grew up with Dominicans bueno papi ta to
I lead a modern lifestyle like my name Rocko
We in the same league but you suck like taco
I’m Andre the Giant, I’m incoherent
I’m spittin church and I got the spirit
Can I get a witness
Still scared of getting shots on my doctor’s visits
They passed the ball and I got the pivot
They gon talk so tell ’em talk to my momma
She pulled the belt and whooped your father
Ask them to talk to your honor
My niggas pushed the white rental
But a scratch on the charger
And brought it back half yellow
Shrugged their shoulders and all
With no hopes of growing up to be shit
We be bad and make the wife’s e gad
And make their daughters leave dad
Come back to the spot
We drinking and we dancing
Light the tree pass it, this is heat rash nigga


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