Michael Christmas – One More Lyrics

[Hook x2]
One more, I just need one more
One more chance like Biggie, niggy
I just need one more, I suppose
If they was tryna get it, they would go
But I know, that Midas touch turn everything to gold

[Verse 1]
The time tick tick on the clock
Flick wrist wrist on the watch
And everything good with my pops
[?] three words [?]
Money, power, respect
And the [?]
Gotta stay ugly, get paid
Always want them waves
Hair too Puerto Rican
But at least I have them J’s
Couple niggas might call those fakes
But mom said that’s just shade
And when they start throwing that
Just duck, dodge, and evade

[Pre-Hook x2]
Opportunity don’t knock
Don’t be knocking at my door
Thought I missed that shit one time
Can a young nig get one more?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
[?] king me, they’re never cocky
I’m niggarachi, I talk big
A nigga act small, but I’m just stocky
Judge me, you niggas Joe Brown
I need my foxy, my Spanish ex
She say she want me, I’m not your papí
And who say you can’t do
What the fuck you want?
Who say you can’t flip the hate and shit
Into some [?]

[Pre-Hook x2]

[Hook x2]


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