Michael Christmas – Shadows Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hit the strip club
Got blue balls went home and jerked off
Ate a chicken patty, took a shower
NBA 2k game sliders Juwan Howard
Hitting threes… You mad? Nigga please
I got black sage, Johnny Cage, diamonds not today
Pay tuition before I ever cop a chain
Other rappers tried to sway into my lane
But I got game for a lame
And Puerto Rican Martha Stewart
I’m sitting on her lap while she pat me on my back
Like my mom’s wearing Baby Phat
100 emoji, prayer hands, fire, its lit
I thank God for this gift
And if I ever win a Grammy I’ll do something worthy of a gif
Kiss my Momma then I’m back to this Motel 6
Can’t show emotion like I’m Drago
I’m blessed from a city where I’m tryna grow taller than the shadows

[Hook x2]
Shadows of the night
Shadows of the Pru
Shadows of the sky
What I’m supposed to do

Shadows of the night
Shadows of the past
Shadows of the city
Shadows growing fast

[Verse 2]
And every rapper ain’t a God
Every album ain’t a movement
I say What a Weird Day
Cause every day we on some new shit
Gettin’ bigger than a fat bitch
Say I got an accent, in front a couple thousand
Got ’em screaming, “FUCK THAT BITCH”
I remember when I used to shovel get some cash quick
Go to Foot Locker get some kicks and go to school
So I can have a couple niggas hate on mine
Like “they just average”
My nigga who asked you?
My niggga who asked you?
[?] I just passed you
[?] look mad at you
Oh now look you mad
Your face done turn sideways like [?]
I’ma pave the way for all the niggas from my city, gettin busy
But you hate cause you don’t peep their creativity, like:
Derek, Timmy, Stizzy, Goodwin, OG, [?], Reefy, Bari, Shami, [?]
[?], Taco, Sam, Hassan, [?], [?], [?] Mars, Jefe, Fancy
Oy Vey, Mikey, [?], Lucy, [?]
The list goes on for days and years
But I just got this instrumental
This remind me of the times when me and pops wore matching timbos
Running from the storms
The doors are locked, that’s half the battle
Salt up in my shoes, I’m tryna grow taller than the shadow

[Hook x2]


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