Michael Christmas – Witness Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I say day to day my daily face is changing
Mama says she sees your boy’s aging
Bars for days I got up like the station, uh
We creating better situations
Better days is coming like the Matrix
Always knew the future wasn’t basic, uh
I believe the only way to go is
First thing you thinkin in the morning
I was writing songs at crack of dawn and
Skippin’ school to see the girl I want and
She ain’t want me back, so now she’s gone and
I’m up on the stage to sing the chorus
My D oww, we’re not talkin’ Boris
All the shit they putting out is boring
But to each is own, I’m in a decent home
I’m playing shows to pay back all my owes
One day I’ma fuckin’ own it
I feel like Wayne when he said show me my opponent
Eatin tacos after shows like it ain’t 2 something in the morning
And if I fuck it up, I’ll probably bundle up and get a cup and
Spit for change to get some supper and a 40 oz of trouble
Pops my idol on the Bible we gon’ kill ’em and
We praying for forgiveness before I die I’m asking
Can I get a witness

Can I get witness

[Verse 2]
You won’t be 20 forever, make some time for your sisters
Call your mom every day and when you hang up give her kisses
Like hey mama, I know I left the school
And I promise one day I’ll get a diploma just for you
But now I’m shit like number 2, uh
Heard they fuck with you, uh
Rap game John Belushi, uh
House full of apes like zoo
You rappers gangstalicious
I hear a lot of science fiction, causing friction
You got pussy tendencies and sucking dick addiction
I got everybody on my back like the Verizon nigga
I got a lots of shit up on my mind, why none my visors fitting
Seen a lot of Ds that wanted M that’s why I’m sliding in em
Shouts to all the kids that kids don’t like
That’s why you riding with M
I fix the game like shaved points, one up
Working from the sun up
So all my niggas in the hood go ahead and put your guns up
Or hands up
Or stand up
I’m preaching to the choir so understand something or
Let me get a witness


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