Migos – Computers Lyrics

I asked yo boy about me, Shmurda
DK y’all think that I’m Tom Cruise, man
Straight out the muthafuckin’ tombs, man
I-I-I free all my real niggas, ya heard?1
SH Migos
(SH Migos! Free my nigga Bobby, man)
(Free my nigga Rotty)
(SH Migos gang!)2

Dabbin’ and messin’ Margiella get popped like a keddle3
Get two in yo cerebellum4
I’m seein’ stars in my Panamera5
We went through the pint but we neva let up6
Ya look a bit most a lumber aid catcher(?)
Me and that nigga, I’m a rockin’ fishin’

These niggas be biting7 and I’m getting fed up
Got your bitch at my condo with both of her legs up8
These niggas be talking about how computers with a gun emoji
Now he think he a shooter, eating Benihani9
Take a trip to Punta Cana, fuck it, I might land in Bermuda10
30-30, I got 30 rounds,11 the shawty make a nigga lose pounds
Hurry, ya tell me money underground12
Ya niggas is sick and we got the crown13
Diamonds and pearls for my girl,14 it’s a
I feel like James Brown15
Smokin’ powder in the trunk tower
Nigga guess laughin’ with ya proud
Fuck a job, I don’t get payed by the hour16
Can’t be from the block, I heard you a coward
When you got money, it come with the power17
I am the supply, group money like prior
Stapler, I got 40, it’s extended18
Can’t wait to pull it, trigger finger itchy19
Fuck in the pot, let’s go fishin’20
My mama always told me don’t be trustin’ bitches21
Hit ‘er with a hit ‘er with a hit ‘er with a
Hit ‘er with a lookin’ deep down like her son ain’t listed
Migos fightin’ in the crowd, lookin’ like one of the pistols

Free my nigga, Bobby,22 bitch
Hoes in the lobby, bitch23
At the edge of 17 I hit my first lick24
Twelve comin’, hit the fish,25 ya betta trump the ditch
You don’t wanna get caught with a data stick
Told the bitch to suck my dick, I don’t want no kiss26
When I got my first M,27 I bust down my wrist
When I got my first Sim, I emptied the clip28
Bad bitch, fuck with a bad boy, call her a Kim
I hit one, hit a butter rim
when I go to DC, pow, I thought it was him29
Then I land in Bahamas, ordered in some shrimp
Plug wanna meet up in Bahamas, told him make it quick30

The money keep callin’ till it come in
Free SH Migo, free Bobby and free Rowdy31


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