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i know i`m big and proud all over
not just on the stage
my secret self has many sides
that laugh and crush and sting
i`m red and thick like fire
i like it from behind
round to back
red to white
i`m pure inside and silent
i`m alive
gotta piece of my heart
on the sole of your shoe
i`ve got a little bit of thunder
trapped inside of a cloud
the dog in you
spit me out into the mississippi
i know who can love my many selves
the wife the bitch the rapunzel
the one who cries
and calls for you
the one who is always alone
oh mississippi
come and wash my pain away
oh mississippi
come and take my pain away
i feel i`m drowning
i feel i`m drowning
i feel i`m
i feel i`m
chorus (3 times

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