Mod Sun – Shoot ‘Em Down Lyrics

[Hook – MOD SUN:]
I shoot ’em down with a peace sign1
Shoot ’em down like bang bang bang
I shoot ’em down with a peace sign
Shoot ’em down

[Verse 1 – MOD SUN:]
Still that H-I double P-Y,2 you could probably see why
I’m out the seventies,3 heavenly sorta divine
When I put the letters together the stars realign
And I shoot ’em down *boom boom* with a peace sign
Living like a rasta,4 hair like pasta5
Wanna talk style? Okay, I already lost ya
Duke Ellington in the Uber ride
Ridin by my old high school now I school the high6
Deeper than a scuba dive
Who am I?

[Verse 2 – Machine Gun Kelly:]
I don’t even gotta say it
You’re talking about the greatest and I am affiliated7
Debated that I could be the most underestimated and imitated
Entertainer and I came from the basement8
Inspiration, medication
That is all I needed in my life’s equation9
Only two things I will not do
Watch my back and watch my language10
Fuck with me

[Verse 3 – MOD SUN:]
Well I just believe
That actions define you
So let me remind you
The time to hesitate is already behind you11
So I stay scratchin off my bucket-list
I’m in love with this, so unconditio
It’s no competitio, when it comes to this
It’s no compass, I go my own way12
Rebel to the revelent, mind of an elephant
Never forget13

To stay high
That’s right

[Verse 4 – Machine Gun Kelly:]
Smoke me out in my death bed
Bury me with my pipe cuz I know yall be chiefing like me
Yall need it like me14
Paid the price for my high because the price of freedom ain’t free
So keep dreaming15

[Bridge – Blackbear:]
I shoot ’em down
I shoot ’em down
I shoot ’em down with a peace sign yeah
I shoot ’em down
I shoot ’em

[Hook – MOD SUN]

[Verse 5 – MOD SUN:]
I wi- I-wi- I will not- I will not drown in the rising tide of conformity
I will not play the minor keys like the majority16
I will not let authority ignore me
I’m moving forward for the ones who march before me17
All power to the flower, burning chocolate by the hour18
Origami with the raw paper never twisted poorly
Order me more me, see me in your city19
No fans, got friends show respect with a zippy
Came through with a gypsy, name MOD SUN
But she call me that, cuz that
Order me more me, see me in your city
No fans, got friends show respect with a zippy
Came through with a gypsy, name MOD SUN
But she call me that hippy20

[Verse 6 – Machine Gun Kelly:]
I wish I could fuck every single girl
Seven billion mini mes running round the world21
This is for the teachers who said it wouldn’t last
Shoved that lesson plan up in your motherfucking ass22
But it’s all love over here
Nothing but green buds over here
Something about this time of year make my mushrooms go down like beer23
Can you hear me clear, everybody chill
Please put up a peace sign if you smoke a piece of mine and find a piece of mind

[Bridge – Blackbear]

[Hook – MOD SUN]24


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