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Mars Argo Monsters Under My Bed Lyrics
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It wasn't your fault.
I don't get mad at people when it's not their fault.
I only get aggravated with ignorant people and thieves.
I don't do that.
Only time I ever did that is when I had friends.
I would just go out and do something like that.

Oh, Hi, my name is Connie.
Want to be my friend?
I don't think so.
There is nothing in the world funny about that.
Me and my great ideas.

Well, Connie,
I thought you'd like to see it for a little while.
You're out of your upper level mind.
Why would I want to go to Chicago?
I don't know a damn person here.
Yeah, well do I look like I'm having fun?
You witch.
You just think it's funny.

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Mars Argo Lyrics for Monsters Under My Bed