Mugen Styles – Get Down Lyrics

I kill this shit/
Got damn/
I kill this shit/

[Verse 1]
Surrounded by cadavers, eating caviar/
Coming in hot like a shooting star/
Who are you, that’s what they ask me/
Try not to shoot, but I end up blasting/
Rata tata tat, right off the tip of my tongue/
Like a rattle…snake/
Getting buck like the teeth of a Raticate/
I eradicate/
Any fool, stepping in my way/
Stay silient call me Bob/
But got so much to say like I was Jay/
Put me on the cob/
They complaining I’m too corny/
Got the mary poppin/
Looking kinda stormy/
Popcorn buds, falling like rain/
Mary Poppins, I’mma need your umbrella bae/

[Verse 2]
One hand parrot head, one hand parrot bay/
Tip the bottle I don’t care what they have to say/
Spit take, forgot I hate/ alcohol/
People say I’m the shit/
Like I’m sitting in a stall/
All I do is try/ putting in work/
On call, all day, all night/
Victory in sight, got me hooked on kai/
Like I’m listening to the crawl/

(shouts out Gambino)

[Verse 3]
Know I got All of the Lights on me/
Freakin’ and Geekin’ trying to get My Shine on/
Heartbeat speeding up, Starlight, the Sunshine gone/
Play this Outside at a Bonfire, it’s the Kids new Favorite Song/
No Small Talk, All Yall Sober/ I’m high as a Firefly/
It’s Do or Die, Til I Die, Shoulda Known, I’m on that Grind/
So Fly, you’ll R.I.P. if you don’t Hide/
In 3005 my crew still The Worst Guys/
Like I said though, All the Shine is mine/
Lights Turned On, no Shadowscan keep me down/
No Fucks Given, got a Silk Pillow, like Bitch Look At Me Now/

[Verse 4]
Thirty references for the thirty tracks on the tape/
Release a song or so, made ‘em wait for the rest/
It’s my best shit yet/ but I could do better/
This the maximum I can make off minimum wage/
But if I had the cheddar/
I could shred the game, mozzarella/
Fo rella, I’m hella good, mobbing, like Goodfellas/
So sick, you’d think I ate salmonella/
Getting down like a cella/
I found my Cinderella/
She ain’t even make me wrap it up, no cellophane/
Ceiling fayne give her the shivers, my timber still good tho/
On the low, this a joke, I’m just having fun dude/
Look myself in the mirror saying do what you wanna do/
Ain’t no one gonna stop you/
Opportunity don’t have to knock/
Cause the door always propped fool/
No flip floppin, this my only option/
My song at an auction, desired like an antique/
Yo shit at the gym cause it’s so damn weak/

[Verse 5]
Week after week searching for peace/
Murder the tree/ but thc only temporary/
Help me get my bearings/
I’m wearing thin/ daring to live/
Sharing is caring so this is free again/
Be me? I have been/
Hope this cd like a asprin/
And it take the pain away/
Straining to gain, got it do it my own way/
Lonely, I don’t think anyone understand/
How it is to do this shit, trying to be the man/
And I’m getting so into it, perceive what I can/
Maybe I’m not so intuitive though/
Maybe I should stop doing this/ woah/
What did I just say?
Fuck that, got 60 something tracks/
More on the way/ no turning back/
Fixing to attack, I’m a titan/
I’mma teen/ I’m a wolf/
Hear my howl, I’mma get down/
I’mma juke/ for Susie’s sake/
I’mma get down/ things are looking pretty great/
I’mma get down/ yeah I’mma go cray/

Where da fools that wanna get down?/
Where da bitches that wanna get down?/
Where da fools that wanna get down?/
Where da bitches that wanna get down?/
Hope you like my sound, cause it’s all around/
Play it oh so loud, while I smoke my loud/
Wanna get down, just waiting for the crowd/
Wanna get down yeah I wanna get down/


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