Mugen Styles – Hit Me Up Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Oh my god, where did the time go/
Thought I had more, I was saving up the dough/
Headed out the door, said I’m ready to go/
Said I’m ready to go, but am I ready to go?/
I don’t know the answer/
Advance per usual/
Stir the musical/
Energy, in me/
Stay neutral/
No enemies/
Stack numerals/
Till I got a few g’s/
Move, sign the lease/
Will I really leave?/
It’s a hard question/
A large investment/
Hard to rest in a new home/
Flew the coop/
All on our own/
Hope we don’t fail/
Gave you the soup/
I’m Joel McHale/
But I look like Ezra/
Keep you mesma-rized/
For the weekend/
I can see the vampires teeth peeking/
Bite sized, but it seems we all are/
Small in the eyes of a star/
Near or far/
I will try and make some time for you/
It doesn’t matter who I gotta see/
Or what it is that I gotta do/
Put it all on me/
I will come through/
I don’t wanna choose/
But if I had to choose/
I would choose the family/
People who invest their time in me/
Over rapping, over the industry/
But luckily you can just hit me up/

All you gotta do is hit me up/
Just, hit me up/
All you gotta do is hit me up/
Just hit me up/

[Verse 2]
All you gotta do is hit me up/
Like aye/
Wanna chill?/
Say what?/
Sounds ill/
Just wait till/
I’m off da clock/
I’m off da comp/
Just wait, I’ll shock you/
I’mma Raichu/
With the zap plate/
My crew/
Best in da state/
Repping FL/
Born in CA/
Shout out chico/
Shout out keystone/
Reaching new heights/
May be a small pup yet/
But I got the t-bone/
Size ain’t set in stone/
Walk over these fools/
Like a stepping stone/
Not educated/
In letting go/
Steady setting goals/
Work till I hit the dirt/
Straight sleeping with the moles/

All you gotta do is hit me up/
Just, hit me up/
All you gotta do is hit me up/
Just, hit me up/

[Verse 3]
All you gotta do is hit me up/
Do not front/
No matter what the time/
No matter what the month/
I’m always on that grind/
But I gotta have some fun/
Once in a while/
Add another blunt to the pile/
Burn my childhood away/
I’m startin’ up a new age/
Know I’m riding round town/
Bumpin’ nu age in that 99 le sabe/
Said nothing was the same/
Just give me some time/
I’mma catch up to drake/
Just give me some time/
I’mma do what it takes/
Just give me some time/
For gods sake/
Just give me time/
I will reply/
Hit me up/
Just give me time/
So behind, it’s all out on the line/
I just need some time/
I running out of time/
I just need some time/


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