Mugen Styles – Magic8Ball Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Stealthy movement/
Maneuvers planned out/
City in ruins/
That is my handout/
Approaching land now/
I’ve crossed the sea/
Czech Republic, Austria/
Switzerland, Germany/
Now returning to my homeland/
One man band/
And alone he will stand/
Brand new, changed my ways/
Blown away, that’s what yo face say/
Fan in one hand/ in the other gotta lone blade/
Renegade/ paid to kill assassin/
Fasten yo seat belt/
Taking drastic measure/
The beat felt right/
So spastic mutters/
Starting spurting from the side lip/
Couple lines were good/
So you know I had to write it/
I’m a hound/
Nose to the ground/
I’m just looking for the scent/
Need some mo money/
I can barely pay my rent/
Fools acting chummy/
Now swimming with the fish/
If you waiting fo the hook/
Gonna be here fo a while/
Nother page in the book/

[Verse 2]
Story of a child/
Who grew up too fast/
But that’s all of us right?/
Altered my timeline/
Spend nights in the lime light/
In hindsight I’m alright with all that I’ve done/
It’s made me who I have become/
Memories play like reruns in my brain/
My demons I have slain/
Learned from the past/
The mistakes that I’ve made/
Clear the way/ I’m coming through/
Gotta couple projects that I wanna do/
Gotta couple steps left till I’m on the move/
Gotta couple breaths left fore I swig the juice/
Fore I hit the bowl/ gotta take it all in slooowww/
Whoa, where the fuck am I now?/
I don’t even know/
Somewhere between so high/
And a point so low/
Gotta find the middle ground/
My soul done been whittled down/
Spitting riddles now/
On some Ritalin/
Abraxas crashed in/
Bearing gifts again/
The fact is/
Back in the days/
We was closer than Sullivan/
And Billy Mays/
Still come to my place/
Freestylin’ over sound waves/
Smoke a pound for the taste/
Based boys/
Best get out of my face boy/
No this shit ain’t laced/
You just weak/
While we busy being great boy/
Outlook good like you had to shake a magic 8 boy/

Will this rap dream of mine ever end?/
Reply hazy, try again/


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