Mugen Styles – You Da Man Lyrics

Catch me riding with the fam/
They like got damn/
Mugen you da man/
You da man, yeah you da man/
Got damn, you da man, you da man/
Yeah, you da man, you da man/

[Verse 1]
I’m not here to clash/
Not fucking with yo clans/
I’mma do me, I hope you understand/
Can I get spotlight?/
Can I get a mic check?/
Can I get my check?/
Can I get respect?/
Can I get my wrist decked out/
Putting my pen to the checklist now/
Skip out on my breakfast/
Straight to the loud/
Faded and reckless/
Facing the crowd/

Look out at the fans/
They like got damn you da man/
Mugen you da man, you da man/
Like got damn you da man/
You da man, you da man, got got damn/

[Verse 2]
Said I couldn’t do it, but I can/
I’m da man, yeah you know I’m da man/
All these other fools rapping so bland/
My words cap ya like blam blam blam/
My words capture yo at-ten-tion/
Will he mention me?/
Can I get a shout out?/
Artist of the century/
Make these bitches bow down/
Crown on my head/
It was always in the plan/

Roll up on your homestead/
And take all your land/
You still thinking, got damn you da man/
Mugen, you da man, yeah you da man/
Like got damn, you da man/

[Verse 3]
Can’t even stand it/
Can’t understand it/
Voice so sweet/
Make you slumber while you standing/
Mugen is the brand/
Yung tan skin, stacking up the grands/
Dropping new shit/
Hope you’re wearing your depends/
Sending out the energy/
Killed the rap game, put on trial/
Not guilty/
Killed the rap game again, no trail/
Double jeopardy/
Trebek write out my check please/

You da man, Mugen/
You da man, you da muffukkin man/
Yeah you da man/
Got damn, you da man, you da man/
Got damn, you da man, you da man/

[Verse 4]
Got my girl so wet, looks like the damn broke/
All these kids in debt, like man I’m damn broke/
Man, it’s a damn joke, man it’s damn shame/
No one else to blame but yourself/
Snap my fingers for the wealth/
I’m like Frog Curtis, got these bitches holding/
Asking will he hurt us? If it’s rolleded and not folded/
But I molded myself into a new person/
So don’t you dare drop the curtains, I’m not done/
Cause you know/

I just been running and stunting/
And lighting my future/
The lumen are saying that Mugen can do it/
Use it or lose it, I’m using my music
I’m brewing this shit like a wizard, I’m oz
Girls be dropping they jaws/
Like humana humana humana wooo/
My dawgs be throwing/
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, wooo/


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