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Make it like that famous country singer
Or that guy I saw last night on Jerry Springer
Clean me up but let me keep my edge,
In the day I like to keep it dignified
But at night you know I got another side
And I don`t give a damn, cause I am what I am
Even if it`s really really bad
I`ve got an Ape Drape, yes I do
They`re givin` em to anyone, and that means you
You can drive to Riverside and get one too
And then you`ll have an Ape Drape like I do
Go ahead and buzz it `round the ears
I`ve been growin` that one braid back there for years
I`ve had it since the first time I saw Queensryche
The front may conform to society
But the back says I have personality
Even if it`s really really, even if it`s really really bad
Make it short in front and long in back!
If the top`s not short enough that it stands up
I could be thrown out of the Bad Boy Club
But don`t you lay a finger on my pony tail
Now fix my kid so he looks just like me,
And then matching crazy pants are all we need
Some may call it child abuse I just call it bonding with you Dad.
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