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I met a girl
Who told me she's a dancer
A prettier gal
I'd never seen before

I went to the theater to see her
What a shock when
I opened up the door

She was dancing the Bump
Bump, bumpity bump
The audience was going wild
She looked at me and threw me a kiss
As I came stumbling down the aisle

With every bump
Bump, bumpity bump
My heart started bumping too

Now every night
You see me in the front row seat
Cheering with the rest of them
And stomping my feet

I knew I met a gal
To make my life complete
With her bump bump bumpity bump

I took her home to meet ma and pa
They said she was the girl for me
They wished us both a happy life
And that's when I made this gal, my wife

Now I get home each night about five
She got that radio on

She starts moving
All around the kitchen floor
The neighbors peeking in
And screaming, more, more, more

They ask if I sold
Tickets at my front door
To watch her dance, dance, dance
The bumpity bump bump
Bump bump bump

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