Nate – Legacy Lyrics

Ha-ha damn

[Verse 1]
I’m just protecting my legacy
Poppin’ them pills just like ecstasy
Go big Nate stop daring me
Re-post that shit on sound cloud then lend me the aux
I put that shit that burns the car some shit that rocks
Spaceship cruising I’m like a Jorge Jetson
Encore at concerts I hit my led Zeppelin
They ask me for news I say no tellin’
Making discoveries I sail like Magellan
This shits in order
You a damn hoarder
If you ain’t wanna leave then don’t jump the border
This freestyle vibe shit
I’m starting to like it
Feeling like Aubrey
6 God he watchin’
I laugh like the goblin
Killing myself all these Peter Parkers
Itsy bitsy spider couldn’t compete
Only one word to describe this, this shit obsolete
I should live in Miami I pack the heat
I bet that Shaq could pack Kareem
They tried pinching me but I ain’t asleep
The life that I live was once seen a dream
Flows so angry I’m turning green
Mossing em up I just bring out my freak
Rap is the game that I’ve known to play
Insert your coin get screwed anyway
I don’t get what I need
Recognition I plead
If my flows ain’t good then y’all really just playing
Music ain’t your shit y’all are Fugazi
Shoot up a school they assume that you white
Cook up some meth hit my Walter white
Alter egos I carry em with me
One day I’m this and one day I’m that
Pablo’s the shit I agree with that
Although I’m a dog I don’t mess with no tramps
All of em hoes those are some facts
I just like females opposites attract
Serving up orders I’m wearing a hat
Stuck in a box they calling me jack
Cold hearted nigga I get it from Drac
If you wanna diss I hit you back to back
Yeah back to back
I study the great one don’t think that I don’t
Doing my homework on shit that’s too dope
Gym class is over they still jumping rope
You hold the city while I hold the globe
Don’t bother texting I’m hard to provoke
Sip up that Sprite I sniff lines of coke
Soda cans clinging I just made a beat
This is some shit you should put on repeat
This is some shit that never deletes
This is some shit that Drake needs to see
I tried going back to change the past
But really I need to change my act
As far as treating people I think I’m changing that
Cause the nice guys always come last
Except the assholes always cum fast
Timing my speed think I’m born on a track
Records I’ll break em I’m referred to as flash
Never make payments I buy it in cash
Champagne with money that is a blast
Blessings I count em throw me a mass
Your ass is just late go report to class
You hold red cups while I’m holding a glass
Ain’t got clans so no way I can clash
Forget that Steph Curry I’m legend like Nash
When I played QB it was all in the pass
Spirals down field had my boys haulin’ ass
You get on my nerves how much just a tad
Money bought all of your talent how sad
But you had no talent to start with now there’s facts
There’s facts

[Verse 2]
Is (x4)

[Verse 3]
All I’m doing is
Staying true to this
Rap game saving it
Old Nate forget that shit
Legacy I’m keeping that
Fast balls when I go to bat
They think they intimidate me
But then I start laughing at them
I ain’t got no damn talent to lend
I ain’t got no damn friends
Call that über just to come and get you
Tell your parents where you really went to
Legacy something I just started
They all went dumb now they retarded


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