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Drake November 18th Lyrics
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(Notorious B.I.G.)
It's the ones that smoke blunts with cha
see ya picture, now they wanna grab the guns and come and get cha(*scratching*)
It's the ones that smoke blunts with cha
see ya picture, now they wanna grab the guns and come and get cha

Yeah, one time for the homie DJ Screw-awready!
I'm feelin throwed in this bitch

[Verse 1]
I'm so high even when I'm comin down
just met a girl say she from the H-Town
I say my name is Drizzy and ain't nobody realer
cup inside a cup, smokin ghostface killah
got these boppas goin crazy, nigga I'm the man
I sent ya girl a message, said I'll see ya when I can
she sent me one back, but I ain't never read it
cause pussy's only pussy and I get it when I need
I'm tellin you, the coldest when I'm down in the winter
and I be ridin rims with my tires in it thinner
Air Force stuntin'flyin charters overseas
full of Don Perian and the water for the D's
don't know why it happens, everytime we alone
but here we are again and I swear I'm in my zone
so I'm a sip this drank until that muthafucka gone
and you gon'get undressed and we gon'get it on
I don't give you the time, you deserve from me
this is something I know, I know, I know
so tonight I'll just fuck you like we're in Houston
takin'everything slow, so slow, so slow
but I do it to her

[Verse 2]
Drapped up, dripped out, know what I'm talkin bout
3 In the mornin, get it poppin in the parking lot
it's on once again and I never pretend
a nigga stayin G till the end

Aye Yeah
I swear like everytime we find ourself in this situation
I just get that feelin'like I'm in Houston
candy paint switchin colors in the light
talkin bout like 11 P.M.
and you just rollin thru the city, bumpin that Screw
Big Moe, UGK, Lil'Keke
it feel like everything just movin slow
let's take my time, I pace it baby-Yeah, I'm gone!

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Drake Lyrics for November 18th