NUFF$AID – D.O.A. Lyrics

[Intro: NUFF$AID]
My SoundCloud been
My SoundCloud been

[Verse 1: NUFF$AID]
My SoundCloud been getting hella plays
I need promo next
I’m talking magazines
XXL, Complex
I don’t got nothing against gays or homosex
I need my money straight
No homo checks
I call ’em how I see ’em
Like my phone got no more text
These other rappers all suck
Wormhole, vortex
I won’t stop, till a nigga wrist
Roll on lex
And I got every type of bitch
On my Pokedex (I’ma poke her next)
Please excuse my ad-libs
Cause I am presently high
Apparently I rap better
Oh, what a pleasant surprise
Nina under wife-beater?
That’s a pleasant disguise
In case a hating ass guy
Don’t treasure his life
I know you hate me
I can tell by the look in your eyes
I been running from the pigs
A nigga live in the Stuy
Where I can get you put on ice
For a reasonable price
And 911 come so late you gotta call ’em up twice

[Hook: NYPD radio conversation]
There’s a shadow (x6)

[Verse 2: NUFF$AID]
From the Stuy
Where summertime be like a hunnid degrees
And Crips be throwing up them C’s
Like the got stomach disease
You gotta run from the D’s
Just cause you live in the P’s
Could be winter
The cops’ll still tell a nigga to freeze
Nigga please, trigger squeeze
I got kids to feed
We in the Uber bumping B.I.G.’s “Niggas Bleed”
Comparin’ the IG’s of Bitches we wanna breed
I mean
This bitch is fine like the lines you can’t read
On a contract…
She playing with my gun, no Contra
Henny made me liquor in the dark
Double entendre
Now she blowing on he kid
Like candlesticks on Kwanzaa
I wonder
Can she make that ass clap like thunder?
If she can, I might just fund her
Word to mother
Maybe give the title
But, never the bridal
I swear to God with my hand over the bible
She spread her legs
Had a young nigga dead on arrival

[Hook: NYPD radio conversation]
There’s a shadow (x6)

[Verse 3: Reef]
Why my hood on fire? (Why? Why?)
Why nowadays it’s cool to be a liar? (Why? Why?)
All the wrong niggas I done fired (Done fired)
Back to it, address me as sire (Oh)
Ain’t no No’s, I get everything I desire (Oh, oh)
Gotta put it in before I really get tired
And I’m moving round on tires (I’m talking wheelchairs)
Gotta keep strong, keep moving bad and I see tears
You niggas should be fair
Why so? Cause I don’t care
Really I don’t (No)
Don’t tell me I won’t cause I will (Will)
Button been broke, so no chill (Chill)
Please do not tell me how real you are
My ears are closed gotta show me your heart
Or cut your wrist for me to prove that you are
Cause words don’t mean shit nowadays
No, no, nah

There’s a shadow (x6)


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