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THE DELLS O O, I Love You Lyrics
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In my mind, thoughts are formed
The pen writes and words are born
Because we're shy when we're young
I'll let my heart speak
In place of my tongue

Darling, here's a letter
Written just for you
Next time, I'll do better
(The very next time)

But, oh, baby
What I have to say
Page after page
I wrote it this way

Ooh, I love you
Ooh, I love you

Everything, everything

Baby, my baby
My baby, my baby
I love you, my baby
My baby, my baby

Love letters are written
In many, many ways
But from start to finish
Mine simply says

Ooh, I love you
(My baby, baby)
I love you...

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THE DELLS Lyrics for O O, I Love You