OG Maco – Night Like This Lyrics

[Hook – OG Maco]
On a night like this1
Who knows what we sipping on
On a night like this
Room full of clouds, we’ve been chiefing strong
On a night like this, we hope it never ends ‘less we get to some’
On a night like this, on a night like this

[Verse 1 – OG Maco]
We the type to get it lit
Fire in our lungs, what you smokin’ on?
Have you ever faced a zip
Rolling in a joint, house moving gift
Ask Corbin if you think im playin’
Kush club captain, bitch the fuck you sayin’
These niggas ain’t sayin’ nothin’ like they bank statements
You don’t love this money you just love complaining
The blue one or the brown one, I’m just contemplating
Complacent, never been it, had to build a steady
Now we laughin’ in they face, haha
In a Challenger to dodge a case, Au revoir
We just screamin’ out live life


[Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa]
(oooh ooh)
On a night like this
I’m just tryna have some motherfuckin fun
On a night like this
I ain’t tryna argue with my baby moms
Cut my phone off, I’m in my zone I’m in my zone
If you ain’t Taylor’d, then I don’t know y’all no
I won’t stalk your Instagram no
I ain’t tryna be your man no
Get some pussy on a night like this
Turn up on a night like this



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