Oh Ma Ma The Butcher Boy song lyrics

DICK ROBERTSON Oh Ma Ma The Butcher Boy Lyrics
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Dick Robertson

Mama, dear, come over here
And see who`s looking in my window
It`s the butcher boy and oh,
He`s got a bundle in his hand.
Tell me why he winks his eye
Whenever he goes by my window,
Daughter, daughter, he`s in love
And you`re in love, and love is grand.

Hey Marie! I gotta da pork chop,
Hey Marie! I gotta da lamb chop,
Hey Marie! You wanna marry me?
The butcher boy, the butcher boy,
I want to marry the butcher boy

Oh! Ma-ma! Oh get that man for me,
Oh! Ma-ma! How happy I will be
Tra-la-la and cheery-beery-bee
Oh, if I`m gonna marry
It`s the butcher boy for me

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