Oh Na Na Na Na song lyrics

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oobie:oohhhh yeah im so horny baby(yeah me too) so come on touch
me baby oooohhhh babyyeah

chorus: oh na na na na im so horny and i want you to fuck me, im tired of masterbating got my body shaking no orgasim faking with me
oh na na na na im so horny and i want you to fuck me i hope you ready for love cause i got more than enough come bust a beautiful nut all on me

verse 1

oobie: now im just sitting in my langeria sipping some alaza trying to find the ways i can make u say ohh baby right there dont stop put it in your mouth swirl it round till you make it pop now im gonna make you sweat when you go down in between my legs gonna be fanasizing of these lovely thighes you gon to be hypotmotizing now won`t you come on and see


verse 2
devin the dude: i see your pussy lips smiling and grinning like they want something up in them wanted to ask you for something but didn`t want to afend you but now i see you bout as freaky as me i busted 2 nuts all ready now you wanting for number 3 you asked me what will it take to get me hard again i say saliva but see you aint down for swallowing you rather have it on your skin you wanna rub it in move your tongue like that once more girl im bout to nut again fuck your friend in your business askin why i all every day and why your face is so clean just tel them ??? i thought i could run a good race but girl you can do miles lay on your side raise up your leg lemme see that beautiful smile awlllll yea ima put it all in there and then you relax but then you ask me to pull your hair i`ll do it you`ll scream but the nut won`t last cuz right before you know it SPLASHHHH


lil on: titties suck my dick suck shawty i want you to put it on me rough sex fuck fest you to the test up and down in and out put that dick back in yo mouth you taste the cream ima make the cream you a dick fem ima pussy fem roleplay fanasay ?? hard and fast nice and slow after this you aint gon want no more lay you down pick you up speed it up you in the butt doggy style buck wild leave yo ass scream owwww

big sam:got damn dont stop cum raising to the top gurl you suck dick so good make me wanna call the cops and it dont make no sense the way you suck the dick the way you lick from the shaft to the doone of the dick got damn cant lie girl i love this shit strap up get head fuck the shit of a bitch cuz im big sam baby and i`ll rock your world i lay the kind a pipe that make your toes curl baby

oobie: oh na na na na im so horny oh na na na na and i want you baby oh na na na na so touch me baby oh na na na na i know that you want me oh na na na na so come and bust one on me
oh na na na na im so horny oh na na na na and i want you baby oh na na na na i see it nice and hard for me so come and skee it on me


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